Is this really the only planet I can live on?

From the AP wire, pointed out by TPM:

LONDONU.S. soldiers who detained an elderly Iraqi woman last year placed a harness on her, made her crawl on all fours and rode her like a donkey, Prime Minister Tony Blair’s personal human rights envoy to Iraq said Wednesday.

The envoy, legislator Ann Clwyd, said she had investigated the claims of the woman in her 70s and believed they were true.


Clwyd said the woman has recovered physically but remains traumatized.

“I am satisfied the case has now been resolved satisfactorily,” the envoy told British Broadcasting Corp. radio Wednesday. “She got a visit last week from the authorities, and she is about to have her papers and jewelry returned to her.”

Well. It’s certainly nice to know that our dear president finds this behavior “abhorrent.” Now, would it be impertinent of me to ask when the fuck heads are going to roll, how many heads are going to roll, and how far they will roll? Because it kinda sorta seems to me that a little bit of that might be called for here.

Remember: we have known about this since February.

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