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While in France last year, I came down with a mild cold. Nothing truly debilitating, but it did require at least one late night emergency run to a local druggist to lay hands on some cold medicines and tissues. In the process of doing this, I learned that in French, a cold/fever/flu is called le grippe, a name which delighted and continues to delight me, bringing to mind as it does the image of an Addams Family-style disembodied hand, grasping and squeezing mightily but ultimately kinda fruitlessly at my throat.

And that, I think, is about as much good humor as I can currently summon on the topic. The common cold: feh. I’m on the recovering side now, but I’m still stuck in that horrible state where all day I feel like I’ve just groggily woken up, and no amount of caffeine will shake it.

I hope to god it’s mostly gone by tomorrow, since I’m going to be spending a good chunk of the weekend on public transit. My dear friend Sylvan is having his post-elopement reception party in Boston on Sunday, and I’d sooner cut off my arm than miss that. So ready or not, off I go.

Boston folks: this is gonna be kind of a quick in-and-out sort of trip: up saturday morning/afternoon, back on sunday, so I haven’t bothered notifying most people. If you feel like saying hi, Miranda and I will be at Man Ray for ‘s birthday bash on saturday evening sometime around 10pm or so. That’s pretty much it for unstructured social time on this trip: if you can’t make that, don’t sweat it: I’ll be back twice in January for the usual obvious reasons, and will be being all sorts of social then.

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