bad hair day

(Somewhat belatedly. Sorry, had a socially distracting weekend.)

Keine mitleid für Saddam:


So after the inevitable interrogation and trial, I’m nominating Saddam for an appearance on “Queer Eye for the Psychopathic Dictator”. This man needs a makeover something fierce. Well, except that he’ll be dead, but bullet holes and/or noose marks are just a slightly bigger-than-normal makeup challenge for Kai. Although he might have trouble if they decide to give him the Mussolini treatment.

Seriously though, if the complete insanity that American politics has descended into in the last two years has an upside, this is it: at least our target of convenience was a truly loathsome one. Nobody will miss Saddam except the Amalgamated Torturers, Executioners and Bagmen Union of Iraq, and even they’ll sleep a little easier knowing that the New Boss is about a million times less insane than the Old Boss.

Saddam was not quite the worst of his breed, but with Amin and Assad pere having passed the scene, he might reasonably claim to have been the longest-lived: a distinction that he will get to enjoy in a jail cell until such time as he gets to enjoy it posthumously. And frankly: good riddance. For whatever disagreements I’ve had with this war and the way it was prosecuted, the passing of Saddam and his regime is only a net positive for the human race. We might yet manage to contrive to make his replacement worse, but we’d have to try really, really hard.

Fuck the local political calculations for the nonce: I’m pretty unconflictedly happy about this. It almost makes up for Idi Amin having died peacefully in bed.

In the immortal words of Hunter S. Thompson: “He was a pig. He will not be missed.”

(Now if we can just get rid of Bush and Sharon by November 04, it will have been the Best Year Ever.)

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