Quick late-night culture vulture run-down. I have just returned from the Knitting Factory, where and her friends took me to see:

1. A Hasidic reggae/dub band, Mattisyahu, with a lead singer who beatboxed about moschaich in full black-hat-and-jacket regalia.

2. An orthodox genderqueer slam poet, Matthue Roth. (Who has, apparently, appeared on Def Poetry Jam, which I would pay hard cash money for a video of.)

3. A Yemenite/breakbeat/free-jazz/punk/metal/klezmer band called Juez (pronounced, before you ask, “you-ezz“)…that covered the Trogdor song.

I freakin’ love this city. Love love love, do you hear me? (And how lame am I that my little sister knew about all of this and I didn’t? Very, apparently.)

All of the above acts are well worth seeking out if they appear in your own city.

Also: http://www.jewishfashionconspiracy.com/ Just because.

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