oh yeah, and…

New (to me) apartment: successfully warmed the hell out of.

Many, many thanks to everyone who attended: a full list would take me ages to type in, and You Know Who You Are anyway. It was a great time, and M and I were overjoyed at having so many of our fabulous friends packed into our apartment all at once. You the man. No really: it’s all you.

Hostly duties prevented me from taking as many photos as I’m normally prone to do, but what I have will get posted soonish.

Amazing Hanukah-style lamp miracle except in reverse: we actually finished the party with less beer than we began with. In fact, when the final tally was done, there were only two bottles of Sierra Nevada stout hidden in the back of the cooler. So unless there’s a large cache of half-full bottles tucked behind the couch (I suppose I should actually verify this by hand), I believe is the first time in human history that this has happened. The newsmedia will be duly alerted.

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new apts need to be blessed.