where is my mind?

I’m not dead, I’m just resting. What follows is a monumentally boring quick personal status update; if you’re looking for sparkling insight into politics, entertainment or the internet, look elsewhere.

My urge to chatter and socialize, online or in real life, has been at a pretty low ebb for the past few weeks. I managed to drag my ass out into public for Ringel’s wedding (which was a lovely time, and saw a bunch of friends, including one from across the pond that I wasn’t expecting at all), but that’s pretty much been it. Get up, go to work, go home, unpack more boxes, putter around, watch Good Eats, fall asleep. Rinse, repeat. The cats have been seeing a lot of me, but not anyone else.

Tonight’s Halloween, and ironically enough, the first time that it’s had the decency to fall on a weekend evening since I got here, I basically have no plans for getting dressed up and meeting up with people. ‘s annual Halloween party took away any need to worry about what I was doing for Halloween for the last five years, and now that Neal’s off living on the other side of the planet, I’m kind of at loose ends, and have had way too much other stuff on my plate to bother scaring up an alternative. So it looks like M and I will be going to the puppet show at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine tonight, and that’ll be about it; the rest of the weekend will be spent getting the last bits of the apartment together for the housewarming.

Ah, autumn ennui, how we love you not. Time to get a sunlamp for the living room: I’m willing to chalk up one lame Halloween to extenuating personal circumstances, stress and SAD, but this Will Not Do.

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