schadenfreude, baby

No one in the major media seems to have twigged to this yet, so I’ll just toss it out there…

Is it just me, or did Rush Limbaugh’s much ballyhooed weight loss (according to his spinmeisters, a consequence of Deep Personal Conviction, Willpower and Fortitude on the matters of diet and exercise) a few years back coincide more or less exactly with the period in which he started to be a fucking junkie?

I know, I know, I should be more sympathetic. I’ve done volunteer work with opiate addicts, it’s a horrible disease, they need treatment not scorn and sanction… but fuck it. Rush is part of the reason junkies can’t get treatment in this country. And while I know damn well that as a rich white guy who was abusing prescription opiates instead of street horse, he’ll get a fine and probation, go to Betty Ford and then write a tell-all book about how the pressure from the Liberal Media Elite™ forced him to turn to sweet, sweet heroin to dull the pain, for tonight I’ll just pretend that we live in a just world, and that Limbaugh will get the same, ah, bum’s rush trip through the courts that any non-famous junkie in this country would get, and that he’ll get to be a guest of the CA Corrections Department for the next 20 years.

Welcome to Oz, Mister Limbaugh.

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