one life, furnished in early cardboard

Hi. My name is Nathan, and I am a packrat.

boxes and boxes
Please note: this is the truck after it was halfway emptied. (Click for more.)

A full description of my move will come…later. For now, suffice it to say that it was, perhaps predictably, a fiasco of nigh-legendary proportions. The movers showed up 3 hours late, resulting in them having to try to negotiate the West Side Highway at rush hour in a 16-foot truck. Then one of the four men on the crew walked off the job halfway through. We finished up sometime around midnight, and that only because Miranda and I jumped in and started hauling boxes, and we paid the building superintendent’s son to help us.

Suffice it to say that I would not recommend Apollo Van Lines to anyone considering an in-city move in New York. (Phil, the crew foreman, was brilliant, and damn near literally carried the whole thing off on his own, but there was only so much one man could do.)

Moving remains my least favorite activity in the entire universe. I don’t think I shall be doing this again anytime soon.

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