the white-hot hate of a thousand burning suns (of hate)

I’m going to type out a longer version of this when I am no longer so angry that I can barely see straight. For now, a small announcement before I disappear down the rabbit-hole of packing again:

Verizon sucks.
Yes, I realize that this is not exactly what you would call earth-shattering news, but after several years of basically managing to live my life in a manner which involved as little contact as humanly possible with the pigfuckers, I am once again locked in a deadly embrace with the bastards, and each passing second only serves to remind me more and more why I was incredibly happy to spend the better part of five years not being their victimcustomer.

If you happen to be one of the many people who use my server ( for web hosting, email, or other services, and have noticed recently that it is, how to put this delicately, sucking shit through a straw, all I can say is: I know. Oh god do I know. I know exactly what the problem is. I know exactly what Verizon needs to do to fix it. I know exactly how long it will take them to perform this action once they actually bestir themselves to do so. (Fifteen seconds, including coffee breaks and travel time.) What I do not know is when they are going to do it. Because in order for me to know that, they would have to return any of the phone calls that I am now making on an hourly basis, and have been making for the last two days.

But they’re not going to do that. Not until they’re good and ready. After all, they’re the only DSL provider in all of 10034. And Congress happily rewrote the laws for them last year so that they will always be the only DSL provider in 10034. And they already have my money. So why on earth should they care? I guess I can’t think of a reason either.

The true agony here is that I had to call XO to cancel my Brooklyn DSL line today. The poor woman on the line asked me why I was doing this, and I nearly had a nervous breakdown at her.

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