duty now for the future

As I’ve previously noted, one of the occupational hazards of working at a media company is that there are televisions in the office, and their strange noise emissions occasionally penetrate my carefully maintained wall of obliviousness.

Today, it was a commercial. For a dustmop/paper towel hybrid thing called a “Swiffer.” In and of itself, an innocuous invention — I even own one. The problem was that the commercial, and the new tagline to the product, were set to music. A tune that was once kinda popular, by a band that one or two people remember. Which tune, which band? I want to emphasize that I am not making this up:

when you’ve got a dirty floor
you need swiffer!
under table, stove and door
you need swiffer!
it never is a chore
with the swiffer!

the swiffer!
place looks great!
it’s not too late!
to swiff-it!
and swiff it good!
Yes, you read that right: household goods ubercompany Proctor and Gamble is using DEVO as their new advertising jingle. And the truly insane part? It’s not a studio band doing the singing: It actually is DEVO.

I guess we can expect the AAMR‘s next Public Service Announcement spot to use “Mongoloid” as the soundtrack. Are we not men?

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I'll take your word for it -- I was transcribing the lyrics from a fairly low-resolution online copy of the commercial, so it was kinda hard to make out.