Jeers to:

Trinity Properties, for their unstinting efforts to make my office the single most unsafe building I have ever worked in. As if two straight years of non-functioning fire alarms, floods and internal electrical failures weren’t enough, apparently they did not consider it a priority to either (a) keep the keys to the buliding’s emergency generator in a known location, or (b) regularly test the emergency lights in the fire stairs. Nothing like groping your way down eight floors of concrete stairs in pitch darkness to make you appreciate the value of telecommuting. But better that than being the poor fuckers trapped in the elevators for 6 hours because they couldn’t turn the generator on.

The NYPD’s traffic division, who between 6am and 9am Friday morning were busy directing traffic at the critical and central (note: sarcasm) intersection of Canal and Wooster, while letting the entrance to the Holland Tunnel turn into a scene from Death Race 2000. Well done!

T-Mobile/Voicestream, proving once again that they are the worst cell phone company in the country, possibly the world. While my friends and co-workers with Verizon, Sprint, Nextel and AT&T phones struggled with service that was intermittant, I had no such problem, as T-Mobile’s service was 100% consistant: I was not able to place or receive a single call between 4pm Thursday and 10am Friday.

Con Edison‘s directors, who somehow managed to find the time while the entire state was without power to issue multiple press releases attempting to pre-pin the blame for the outage on Canada. Anyone who was looking for evidence that this was purely Con Ed’s fault need really look no further.

The New York Metro Transit Agency, for apparently having no plan for restoring power to the whole subway and light rail system after a major blackout that would take any less than six hours after the final restoration of power. God knows, it’s not like NYC has had major blackouts or city-wide emergencies before or anything, and it’s certainly not like we depend on the subways for much.
Cheers to:
The kind folks at Globix, for letting me and several of my co-workers crash out in their Chinatown datacenter, and take advantage of their generator power and hence their internet access and blessed, blessed air conditioning. Extra mensch points for breaking into their own cafeteria to provide drinks and snacks.

Pretty much ever city agency other than the aforementioned: as far as I could tell, the response to the disaster was fast, professional and reasonably well-planned.

My coworkers Adam and Jennifer, who not only fed and caffeinated me at a critical juncture this morning, but who loaned me a clean t-shirt.

And last but not least, to nearly every last damn resident of New York Fuckin’ City, for keeping their cool, helping each other out, moving in an orderly fashion toward the exits, and indulging in a minimum of oh-my-god-it-must-be-terrorists-ing. 1977 this wasn’t: the only major reports of looting so far have come from Ottawa. Damn Canucks can’t control their baser urges I guess…

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