final thoughts

My one big regret about the blackout: by the time the sun went down on Thursday, lower Manhattan was completely under cloud cover. This was an incredible disappointment: the moment we realized it was a full blackout, my first thought was “Cool, I’ll get to see stars in New York!”

I’d say “oh well, maybe next time”, but I’m rather hoping that there will not be a next time. Indeed, I’ve learned my lesson: the last time I went through a minor disaster (what, all of a week ago?), I made the mistake of speculating about what might come next to top it. Obviously, that was a terrible, terrible mistake. It being a known fact that the universe revolves around my semiconscious muse and whim, I promise to spend the rest of my life wondering what horrible fate is going to befall Bill O’Reilly. I promise.

One final thought before unconsciouness: A small note to the NYPD cadets who were ‘keeping order’ on the Brooklyn Bridge this afternoon. When there are a thousand times as many people on the Brooklyn Bridge as normal, well yes, nobody gets to ride their bicycle over it. Goes without saying. (You will notice that this is literally true: you did not have to say it.) When there are around five times as many as normal (like, say, at 3pm this afternoon), well, it’s debatable, but sure, yeah, better safe than sorry: have people walk their bikes. However, when there are at most twice as many people on the bridge as on a normal summer evening (like, say, at 9pm tonight), the logical thing to do is to enforce the fucking pedestrian/bicycle lane division. The reasons this is the logical thing to do are (a) you can do that with a less than half the number of officers (really, just a pair on each side of the bridge to remind people will do, as opposed to a pair of officers every 15 yards), and (b) because that is what city employees who likely know more about this than you created the lanes for in the first place. Ahem.

(And yes, if this is my biggest complaint about the NYPD’s comportment over the last 36 hours, we’re obviously doing pretty damn well.)

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