Okay, so far I’ve had really nothing much to say on the whole California recall election debacle, other than pointing at my bay area friends, intoning the phrase “Governor Schwartzenegger” and breaking down into hysterical giggles. It’s a circus, but it’s not my circus, thank god.

But the following pull-quote, I think, should be getting more attention. Predictably, the CA GOP is already lining up in their traditional circular-firing-squad posture, in which the Orange County wing of the party ruthlessly attacks an electable candidate on ideological grounds until an otherwise mortally wounded Democrat can squeak out a victory. (Weirdly, a tendency which they share with the national Democratic party, but not their own national organization.) First to step up to the firing line is our old friend Lou Sheldon of the American Family Assocation:

“As governor, Mr. Schwarzenegger would be a darker villain than any he has faced in his movies. And when it comes to the moral issues that Californians really care about — he gives us inaction, not action.”
“The moral issues that Californians really care about?”

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have not travelled that extensively in the Golden State, and so maybe my experiences there are not representative, but… but… even among my more Californian Californian friends, “I really want a bigger hot tub and lower taxes” has rarely been put to me as a moral issue…

Plus, cheap shots aside, this provides a very…illuminating look into Lou’s pointy little head. Because what Sheldon is complaining about, primarily, is that Ah-nuld publically supports gay rights. (For the few Brits in the audience: the “American Family Association” is an evangelical Christian organization who’s primary focus is hysterical queer-bashing.) So presuming that he’s seen at least a few of the previews for any of Arnold’s movies, Lou is stating for the record that given a choice between equal rights for queers and an army of genocidal androids controlled by a nuclear-armed AI hunting down every last human being on planet earth while the tattered remnants of humanity cower in the shattered ruins of our cities…he’ll pick the robots.

Judgement Day indeed.

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