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So just about a month ago exactly, my office building caught on fire, for the second time this year. Nobody was hurt and nothing on our floor was damaged, but it was a little unnerving that once again the smoke detectors did not work.

Flash-forward to this morning, when I dragged my bleary Monday-averse body into work, to be told upon walking in the door that we were now undergoing…a flood.

Sure enough, one of the building AC units had dumped about 2 inches of water into the 6” space underneath the raised floor. Where all of our power cables run. To all of our servers.

Ten minutes of crazed effort later, we had the power to pretty much everything in the office shut down, and now I am back home until 6am, at which point allegedly the flood recovery company that we called (there are flood recovery companies, huh) claims that they will have enough of the water and assorted crud removed that we can consider turning things back on.

So, within a month, fire and flood. Obviously next it will be the RAIN OF FUCKING FROGS. Oh well, at least the tadpoles will have a nice little pond in which to swim. Underneath my servers.

Tell me again why I am not a yak herder?

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