cresting the waves

Why yes, contrary to entirely plausible rumors, I am alive. Hale. Hearty. I’ve even been…doing things.

To the many many people I’ve sorta been ignoring for the past few weeks: my abject apologies. Things have been afoot. Small things, like me turning 31 (and many thanks to and for a very fine impromptou set of drinks and desserts on that evening), but also Big Things. (And not just the move.) Big Things that I can finally talk about

Ladies and gentlemen, Targetware, LLC (“A Drinking Company with a Flight Sim Problem”) are pleased, no, ecstatic to announce that we are live and direct, motherfuckers, cough excuse me, that we have begun our long-awaited Open Beta program. As of this very instant, you, your friends and your friends friends can download the Beta, install one of the game mods, and commence blowing each other out of the sky.

And I…can get some sleep.

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