rightsizing geography

Here I am, riding through Connecticut. Again. For about the millionth time in my life.

In this age of downsizing, rightsizing and general fat-cutting, I have to ask: Isn’t it time we considered eliminating some of the obvious redundancies in our physical geography? As far as I can tell, CT serves few functions other than being generally in the way and needlessly lengthening trips up and down I-95. Surely such jobs are already more than adequately served by New Jersey and New Hampshire?

We should sell off CT to some country which has a proven shortage of highways, rest areas, uninspiring tract housing, strip malls and insurance companies. Afghanistan comes to mind immediatly. Or perhaps Iraq.

Reorbit Connecticut for a better tomorrow!

[this was actually written on saturday afternoon while on a bus, but t-mobile’s alleged internet service didn’t decide to let my phone actually emit email until today, sigh.]

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