A day like many:

Them: Oh no! We can’t implement [massively overfeatured upgrade] to [non-revenue-generating project] until the next version of [flaky open-source package] ships, and that won’t be for another two weeks! You must implement [astoundingly ugly hack] immediately!

Me: Er, don’t we have [program that performs 95% the same task as the ugly hack which has already passed QA testing] in production already? And hasn’t it been running there for months now without a problem?

Them: Oh, um, yeah, I guess.

Me: Did it suddenly start breaking?

Them: Uh, I guess not…

Me: So why are we trying to fix it?

Them: …

Me: Do we really need to perpetuate (and qualify and test) [atrocious hack] just to implement a feature that we’re going to have to re-test, re-qualify and re-deploy in two weeks when we upgrade to the new version of [flaky open-source package]?

Them: …

Stopping stupid ideas is one of this job’s underrated pleasures.

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