save my bacon

Anybody feel like playing a game of Diplomacy by email?

Specifically…right now?

A few weeks back, my good friend Sylvan asked me if I’d be interested in playing. I made some nodding “sure, maybe” assent, not really thinking much of it. A few weeks passed while he was trying to collect enough other players, and I completely forgot about it. Well, while I was away in DuPontia over the weekend, the game has apparently started, or at least is trying to.

There are two small problems: I have never played Diplomacy before in my life, and between my job, my imminent move and the fact that every weekend this summer has already been booked up with one thing or another, I don’t think this is going to be the time when I learn.

Surely among all of my friends here, there’s someone who’d like to take my place? I can happily guarantee that everyone involved save me is an enthusiastic and experienced player. Respond here or email me directly for details.

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