the few, the proud, the damp

Chest beating, he-man resolution, two hours ago:

Fuck this “waiting for it to actually get warm and/or clear” shit. It’s obviously never going to. I’m riding my bicycle everywhere starting now. Outta may way, inclement weather, I’m a-comin’ through!.
Slightly chagrined, extremely waterlogged, dirty-strip-up-my-ass-and-back resolution, 60 minutes later:
I am buying a rain fender for my back wheel first thing tomorrow.
As a side-note, it’s more difficult than you’d expect to make a chest-beating, he-man resolution when you’ve recently gotten an electric blue manicure.

Satisfied consumer postscript: the CourierWare shoulderbag that bought me (thank you!)…seven years ago now (?) continues to rock the goddamn bells. A solid hour of bicycling through city streets in the pouring rain. Several entire puddles dumped on my by passing taxis. The outside of the bag: dripping water by the cup. The inside: bone dry.

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Not if it was done to 3 Inch Talons.