I must not think bad thoughts.

The following should not be mistaken for anything other than 3am, post-beer paranoia.

Follow the bouncing ball:

  1. The reason that the assorted US intelligence agencies (primarily the CIA) failed to notice the 9/11 attacks being plotted was, in my opinion, because far too many CIA operatives consider the ex-Mujahadeen that make up Al Qaeda’s organizational base to be their “old Afghan buddies” from the days when they were working together against the Soviets.

  2. There has not been, and likely never will be, a purge of the personnel in the intelligence services responsible for point #1.

  3. We are current irrecovably committed to a war for the purpose of removing…Osama bin Laden’s second-most-important regional enemy.

  4. Ergo…”Operation Iraqi Freedom” is aiding and abetting Al Qaeda.

Have a nice war!

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