tie a yellow ribbon

Responding generally to more invocations of this meme than I can really count. If you think I’m talking about you specifically, hell, I probably am.

So let me get this straight: I thought that this war was a bad idea and a criminal enterprise before it commenced, but now that our soldiers are actually committing the acts that I believe to be illegal, immoral and tactically stupid, I should “support” them?

Christ, no wonder people equate “liberal” with “spineless simpleton” most days.

I hope our troops come through this with a minimum of casualties. I hope that nobody I know with friends or relatives in the service loses any of those people. And the battle being irreversably engaged, I wish them a quick and bloodless victory for the simple reason that I’m in favor of as few people on both sides losing their lives as possible. But support? I’ll reserve that for anyone who puts their career on the line to call this farce what it is — not for the people actively perpetuating it.

(And why would any thinking soldier want the support of someone who believed that the battle he was pursuing was completely counter to our country’s best interests?)

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