multicultural faux pas

A small definition of panic: realizing that a pair of fresh-off-boat Russian emigres are about to start moving a very heavy, not to mention delicate and expensive appliance into your apartment…and there is a huge poster of Lenin in your entryway.

I think I just set a land-speed record for redecorating.

In case anybody’s wondering: no, I’m not a Leninist, or any sort of communist. I found the poster left behind in an old apartment, and it’s a great example of Soviet agit-prop art: heroic workers, Lenin’s bust in a sunburst, “The Way of Peace is the Way of Socialism”, etc etc etc. Still, it’s good to occasionally remember that one man’s kitsch pop-art is another man’s psychopathic dictator who sent all his relatives to the Gulag.

And yes, this means that my condiment collection (or what’s left of it after some drastic pruning) has a functional home again.

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