Victoria’s Secret Asks…

…Hung Over?
Observations that I can remember from two nights ago, courtesy of extending a bit of her fabulous lifestyle in my direction:

  • Heidi Klum is, go figure, fairly attractive in person. Also tall. Very, very tall.

  • The bathrooms at Peep are a bit panic-inducing when you’ve had several of their (excellent) Lemon Ginger Ade martinis.

  • Willem Dafoe is even craggier-looking in person.

  • I could make a happy hobby of being “and one.”

  • Open bars sponsored by premium vodka companies are a mixed blessing. Witness the following conversation:

    Me: Can I get another two Bellinis?
    Eurosnotty Bartender: All out.
    Me: Okay, two kamikazes please.
    EB: Vodka tonics?
    Me: um…gin and tonics?
    EB: Two vodka tonics?
    Me: Okay, two vodka tonics.

  • I love this city, even when it’s so cold my fingers hurt.

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