One of the interesting things about working at a news company is that every once in a while I get to ride the very edge of the spin cycle. To take a pertinent example, I got to find out about the anthrax in Dan Rather’s office a good 3-4 hours before most of the rest of the planet, because the Journalist Gossip Network was buzzing about it before the story actually hit the air.

Well, the Journalist Gossip Network seems to think that hostilities will break out in Iraq sometime this Monday.

Make of this what you will. I’m not entirely convinced myself; I believe that there are still UNSCOM inspectors on the ground, and I’d expect them to be formally evacuated a few days in advance of any real fireworks.

It’s a strange feeling to sit down with your co-workers and participate in prioritizing the to-do lists based on the likelihood of an imminent war breaking out. I feel…a bit more implicated than usual.

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