the dangers of working in the TV industry on no sleep

So at any given moment, it’s pretty much a safe bet that the Wall of Televisions on the other side of the office will be blaring out one of two things:

1. An update on the imminent war in Iraq, or
2. A promo for one of this season’s “Reality TV” shows

Of course, being just far enough away that the audio is a semi-subliminal irritation, the two memes start to blend into each other…

“Tonight on CBS! Survivor IV: Baghdad! Ten perfect strangers try to outlast the bombing campaign to win a lucrative oil drilling monopoly! See who gets voted out of the bomb shelter this week!”

MTV presents: Road Rules XI: Dodging Death on the Basra Highway!”

FOX’s newest reality show: JOE DICTATOR! Eight beautiful women fight to become the newest mistress of a man they THINK is an oil-rich middle eastern sheik. Little do they know that he’s been declared a member of the Axis of Evil and selected for Regime Change by the Bush administration!”
I should really get more sleep.

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