traipsing along the world’s top

More digging through the stacks of unscanned photos.

At the very end of April, 2001, my friend Adam came across a brilliantly gonzo-sounding offer: Icelandair would, for a stupidly small sum of money, fly us to Reykjavik, put us up in a hotel for two or three nights, and include in the package tickets to go see the Buena Vista Social Club perform in concert at Reykjavik’s Olympic auditorium. The idea of trekking to the land of the sagas to see a Cuban jazz orchestra in concert was just too weird to pass up, and with our mutual friend The Reverend Zoweee Wow accompanying us, we took a redeye to Reykjavik.

And now, at long last, I’ve finally dug up, scanned, cropped, folded, spinded and mutilated the pictures of the trip for your entertainment.

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