memories of warmer times: pt 3

Stuck at home, back hurting, tired. What to do? Well, there’s this stack of 350 photos that’s been staring at me in a guilt-inducing fashion for quite some time now… Yeah, that’s a plan.

Almost two years ago now, I did something a bit uncharacteristic: I quit my job with no notice, and went travelling. Miranda’s company, EastQuest Travel, was sending her on a familiarization trip through southeast Asia, and for the cost of the ticket and little else, I was able to tag along. The emails I sent back formed a travelogue that a lot of people seemed to find amusing.

I’d been promising that I’d post the photos of the trip ever since I got back, but the task kept daunting me. I’d taken a lot of photos, especially at Angkor Wat: looking at the timestamps on the photos, there was one 25-shot roll that I expended in 15 minutes! Still, an amazing number of them turned out well — not bad for a little $75 APS snapshot camera.

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